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Meet Us

Meet Us

It started in 2011 with nothing more than a dream and a borrowed camera. Nine years in the making and here we are... realizing the weight of what we do is much greater than ourselves. The relationships we've built along the journey far outweigh any click of the shutter or carefully curated feed. We exist to love and encourage, and joyfully dwell in the resounding truth that is our life's calling and purpose.

-Tiffany & Makenzie   

about Tiffany

Hi friend! I don't have the typical story of growing up with a camera in my hand or knowing from an early age I wanted to be a photographer. In fact, I worked as a real estate paralegal for nearly a decade before I discovered my calling. After stepping back from the legal scene and during my stay-at-home-mama years, my heart realized a burning need to pursue a creative business. After borrowing my friend's DSLR camera and falling completely head over heels with photography, I soon discovered a world that would leave me an entirely different person than it found me.

wife. mother. believer. always in the kitchen. OBNOXIOUS LAUGHER. travel junkie. lover of CANDY and john mayeR.


i still choose you

I am married to the absolute love of my life, Jose, and in 2017 we returned to California to celebrate ten years of marriage. We had a private vow renewal ceremony on the cliffs of Big Sur and danced to the sounds of Spanish guitar with the waves crashing below. Oh, that indigo ocean of dreams. It thrills and it stirs me. Although I was born and raised in the South, the West coast will forever hold a huge piece of my heart. 


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for the love of food

There is no doubt my #1 hobby is cooking and exploring all the goodness the culinary world has to offer. From trying out new restaurants to creating various international dishes in my own kitchen, I want to make and eat ALL the things. One of my favorites is Spanish tapas, with the standard being Cafe Sevilla in San Diego, CA. Not only do they have the best lamb lollipops I've ever tasted, but it's also the spot where I met my hubby! 


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my wandering heart

One time, I traveled to 8 places within a 14 month period and it was amazing! (Side note: the travel bug is REAL.) One of my favorite trips was a 6 day birthday excursion along the coast of Maine... imagine all the lighthouses, lobster and sailboats your heart can contain! On the morning of my 40th birthday, we made the drive to the summit of Cadillac Mountain; the first place in the United States where you can catch the early glimmers of daylight as the crest of the sun pops over the horizon. It was truly one of the most breathtaking and unique moments I've ever experienced.

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about Makenzie

Hey you! I am a people lover at the very core of my being. From a very early age and as the oldest sibling out of four, I've always had a nurturing spirit and a desire to take care of others. Being a photographer and working in the creative industry has given me a platform to connect with so many amazing people, hear their stories, and make a true heart connection. I began my photography journey at 13 years old as a reflector assistant for my Mom, and now have a deep love for work aimed towards fashion and editorial. That giddy feeling of seeing someone transform in front of the camera will never get old!

daughter. believer. fashion junkie. people lover. crazy about cracker barrel. monday nights are for the bacheloR.


glitz and glam

On most days, you can find me chilling in yoga pants with a high ponytail and a Starbucks passion iced tea (sweetened with lemonade, of course). However, I'm a total junkie when it comes to fashion, makeup and keeping up with current styles and trends. I love to act as a personal stylist for our clients, my mom's date nights, or any friend in need. I am always ready, morphe M6 brush in hand, and my Jaclyn Hill palette in the other.

Girl, slay.


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adventurous soul

Whenever my calendar is empty, I love exploring new places! My heart longs for adventure and the opportunity to learn about new cultures and experience all that life has to offer. From the busy city streets of Atlanta to the quiet countryside farther North, I adore spending time immersing myself in new sights and experiences.

I also love hanging out and laughing with my younger siblings who always make life more fun!

Next stop: Jekyll Island & Driftwood Beach


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music is my first language

Over a span of nine years, I was a musical theater kid. Instead of Friday night football games and school dances, I could be found at the theater rehearsing late into the evening. I've always been drawn into the music world for its ability to transform the most unlikely of characters into something beyond what is visible on the outside. Music is the universal language that unites us as a human race and possesses the ability to transcend both space and time.

Current playlist: Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Dan + Shay, Luke Combs

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Fashion, fun, celebration & all the real talk


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