Snow White

Apr 11, 2015

Even though this is my wedding & portrait blog, I would be misleading you if I let you believe those were the only things that have my heart.  Deep at the root of me, I love to tell stories through my children… and even though this story has been told through generations, it continues to offer the same sweet magic each time I experience it.  Snow White is one of my favorite stories from childhood that will forever be dear to my heart.  My little Solana was playing dress up as usual, but on this particular day we decided to venture into our backyard for a mini session.  She was a little disappointed I was unable to round up seven dwarfs, but was excited nonetheless to be a princess for a short while.  At the very end of our shoot, I asked her to give me her own ideas and she quickly reminded me the story would not be complete without taking a bite from the poisonous apple. Enjoy! 🙂

“I’m wishing… (I’m wishing)

For the one I love

To find me… (to find me)






  1. Tabitha says:

    I love this! What a beautiful beautiful little girl you have! I’ve recently been featuring 1 disney princess a month… In hopes to step outside my comfort zone and learn more with both shooting and editing. I recent did Snow White in March then Sleeping beauty in April…and Mulan is next!

you said:

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