Charleston Styled Shoot | Historic Downtown, Charleston, SC

Mar 15, 2016

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend a leader’s retreat for the Rising Tide Society.  Since this was my first time in Charleston (can you say a little piece of heaven?), I knew once in town I would be dying to do a photo shoot! So, I arranged for a sunset session with the absolutely gorgeous MariBeth Nolte and couldn’t have been more excited to meet her!  I would describe the style for this shoot as “vintage meets fun and flirty” and what better backdrop than the stunning streets of downtown Charleston!? My one goal going into the shoot was to find some really cool trees (this is pretty easy in Charleston) and to find at least one colorful wall with droopy flowers (again, pretty easy to do). Not only did I find both, but I ended up scoring the most perfect prop by total accident!  As MariBeth and I strolled down the street, we both stopped dead in our tracks when we stumbled upon a beautiful little courtyard where a cream colored vintage sports car was parked.  It’s almost as if the beam of heaven shone down and the little car himself was saying to me, “Come on in!”

And so… we did. 🙂

Since the pathway gate was ajar, it made it easy for me to walk right up to the front door and knock.  The owners were more than gracious and accommodating to let us use their adorable little car and they unlocked the gate so I could have plenty of shooting room. Woohoo!

I am already planning my next trip to Charleston and can’t wait to explore again!!  Many thanks to the following participants who made this shoot possible:

Model: MariBeth Nolte

Makeup: Bonnie Jean Beauty

Hair: Rebecca Herndon

Dress: Nha Khanh (you can find one of my images featured on the dress designer’s Instagram page) 🙂

Without further ado, enjoy my favorite images from this session in amazing historic Charleston!!

2016-03-15_0001 2016-03-15_0002
2016-03-15_0004 2016-03-15_0005 2016-03-15_0006 2016-03-15_0007 2016-03-15_0008 2016-03-15_0009 2016-03-15_0010 2016-03-15_0011 2016-03-15_0012 2016-03-15_0013 2016-03-15_0014 2016-03-15_0015 2016-03-15_0016 2016-03-15_0018 2016-03-15_0017 2016-03-15_0019 2016-03-15_0020 2016-03-15_0021 2016-03-15_0022 2016-03-15_0023 2016-03-15_0024 2016-03-15_0025 2016-03-15_0026 2016-03-15_0027 2016-03-15_0028 2016-03-15_0029 2016-03-15_0030 2016-03-15_0031 2016-03-15_0034 2016-03-15_0033 2016-03-15_0032 2016-03-15_0035 2016-03-15_0036 2016-03-15_0037 2016-03-15_0038 2016-03-15_0039 2016-03-15_0040

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